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We are a Westchester County, NY-based team specializing in kitchen design and custom cabinetry. We’d love to help you from near or afar design an elegant and functional kitchen that is fun to cook and live in!

Full-Service Design

A Studio Dearborn kitchen is custom-designed for your space and lifestyle. As Principal Designer, Sarah will handle all aspects of your kitchen design, from architect’s meetings, initial drafting, and layout, to deliveries and supervision of the installation. Our goal is for a creative, efficient collaboration resulting in a kitchen that you never want to leave!


+ Fully customized design and 3D rendering

+ Selection, sourcing, and ordering of appliances, plumbing fixtures, countertops, hardware, lighting, and other finishes

+ Cabinetry design and fabrication

+ Coordination with all trade professionals

The Full-Service Design Process

1      Consult

We will assess your space and discuss your vision & project goals

2     Measurements

We will work off architect’s drawings or have your space professionally measured

3     Floorplan

3D rendering of your floor plan is created to help you visualize your space

4     Design Details

Storage planning is our specialty! We will refine the plan until it feels just right.

5     Millwork

Millwork and cabinetry details will be refined and finalized in this phase.

6     Sourcing

Select and order appliances, lighting, hardware, and other finishes.

7     Cabinetry

Final measurements are taken, cabinets are ordered & fabricated

8     Installation

Installation of the cabinetry and all design elements to complete your design.

Virtual Design Consultation

Even if you are long-distance, we’d love to help you achieve your kitchen renovation goals! Our consulting business is growing by leaps and bounds and we’ve helped clients from Cincinnati to Saudi Arabia and Singapore! We can discuss your kitchen via phone or video conference, using your current plans and mood boards as a jumping off point for our discussion.

The Virtual Design Consultation Process

1     Decide

Decide how much time you need and which consultation best fits your needs.

2   Choose & Checkout

Choose which consultation works best for you and check out here.

3     Schedule

Within checkout, you will be asked to set up a time to meet with Sarah using our electronic scheduler.

4     Send Ideas

Send us your plans, notes, questions, and links to idea books and get ready to make some decisions!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions regarding our process, how we work, or what we can do from you, please visit our FAQ page by clicking below. We answer a wide range of questions here including about budget, what consultations can help with, and more details about how we can help you create your dream space.