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How much does a Studio Dearborn kitchen usually cost?

If you are considering working with us, keep in mind that a typical Studio Dearborn kitchen will start around $100K for cabinetry and design services (for a medium sized kitchen), so homeowners should budget for $250K+ (with minimal changes to floor plan) for their entire renovation, factoring in construction costs, appliances, countertops, fixtures, etc. If you need help calculating your budget, please check out our free budget estimator under ebooks.

How soon should I reach out to you about a project? 

We recommend that clients reach out at least 6 months prior to their planned “start date”, to allow adequate time to get in the queue and complete the design phase before ground breaking. If your project timeline is tighter, please feel free to reach out, but know that we may not be able to accommodate your schedule.

Do you work with other design professionals and architects? 

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with your architect, interior designer or builder. As kitchens are a very specialized area of design and construction, our clients are best served when we work in partnership with other design professionals from the earliest stages of project planning. If you do not have a team assembled yet, we can recommend other trade professionals (including architects, general contractors, and interior designers) who are a good fit for your project.

Do you only design kitchens? 

We can design cabinetry for any room in your home, in conjunction with your kitchen project.  (At this time, we are not taking on projects that do not include a full kitchen renovation.)  We are frequently commissioned to design bath vanities, mudroom built ins,  laundry rooms, home offices and family room built-ins as part of a larger home renovation.

During a consultation, what types of questions can you answer and what design elements can you help with?

Here are some typical questions we often answer in the course of a consultation call:

What changes can be made to optimize my kitchen layout?

Are clearances between cabinets adequate?

Should I move the refrigerator to another wall?

What are the benefits of a speed oven?

What are some favorite countertop materials?  What are the pros and cons of each?

How can I make sure there will be enough light in my kitchen?

What changes should I make to improve flow?

What’s the best flooring material for my kitchen?

Should I do open shelves or closed cabinetry?

Where would you store spices, oils, and cutting boards in my kitchen?

Where should I place the microwave?