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We would be thrilled to help you design your dream kitchen, wherever you are! Our video consultations are a great way for us to help you with small tweaks or a big overhaul of your kitchen plans.

How it Works
Step OneDecide how much help you need
Step TwoGet all of the details below and make your choice: full sweep, quick sweep, long call, or quick call
Step ThreeCheck availability and set up a call via the calendar link by clicking on the buttons below

Our Packages


Two 90-Minute Video Calls Including Notes & Recs Deck

Private Calls with Sarah


One 90-Minute Video Call Including Notes & Recs Deck

Private Call with Sarah

Quick Call
One 45-Minute Video Call

Private Call with Sarah

Long Calls

Three 90-Minute Video Calls, Call Notes, and Solutions Deck

Private Calls with Sarah

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How Sarah Can Help

  • What changes can be made to optimize my kitchen layout?
  • What countertop material is best for me?
  • How can I make sure there will be enough light in my kitchen?
  • What changes should I make to improve flow?


What type of consultation is best for me?

Most clients can get through the majority of their layout questions with one 90-minute call. If we are going to be working on layout and aesthetics, two calls will work better.

What happens if we need more time?

We can extend our call if I don’t have a schedule conflict, and I will invoice you afterward. If you need an additional call, I can invoice you for the difference after our first call.

How far in advance are you booking consultations?

My schedule is open to consultation up to 3 days a week, and I can usually accommodate consult calls within 7-14 days of booking.

How do I see your schedule?

By clicking on the “check availability” button under the consult type, you can instantly see my schedule and make sure the timing works for you before you book.

Will you draw plans for me?

Regretfully, I cannot offer drafting services for my consult clients at this time. We can connect you to a network of award-winning kitchen designers who provide remote drafting services.

How far in advance do I need to send materials?

48 hours gives us enough time to review and pull together notes.

Client Testimonials

“You have an amazing eye and talent, and even knowing that, it’s astonishing how much we got out of our short visit!!!”

– Megan L.

“Deep industry knowledge, clear communication, stellar work ethic, innovative storage solutions, and unparalleled quality are just some of the traits that set Sarah apart.”

-Yulia T.

“She has an incredible eye for detail and is creative in her solutions. My kitchen is very organized now thanks to her.”

– Bonnie W.

“The takeaway ideas from our meeting were so much more than I had expected!”

– Tiffany C.

“Sarah is an absolute expert in all things kitchen—and she is a pleasure to work with!”

– Koby R.

“Her attention to the details makes it obvious she really thinks through the way people truly use their kitchens.”

– Susan J.

“I purchased a ‘Full Sweep’ kitchen design and couldn’t be happier.”

– Lauren C.

“She brought our ideas to life and was able to create the kitchen of our dreams.”

– Ofir D.

“I think she has a great sense of color and is willing to go out on a limb to make something both original and classy.”

– Todd D.

“Sarah is not only an artist at what she does, but she is incredibly generous with her time and with sharing her expertise.”

– Betsy M.

“She is not afraid to try new things and push the limits to achieve a stunning design.”

– Laurie M.

“Sarah utilized every inch of space in our kitchen to perfection.”

– Lisa W.

“She approached this project as if it were her own kitchen, repeatedly reviewing the plans to ensure each element was optimized.”

– Grace L.

“Sarah was a true partner throughout and easy to work with – even though we worked remotely.”

– Sinclair B.