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Storage Solutions: Kitchen Prep Area

One of the busiest areas of any kitchen is the prep area. It is the workhorse of the kitchen and if designed correctly, it can be the busiest for any cook or sous chef.

Here, I’m sharing some of my favorite storage solutions specifically for the kitchen prep area. I try to include any and all of these in my kitchen designs because I find them to be super useful and stylish, both of which are always my ultimate goal when designing a kitchen.

Kitchen Utensil Drawer

The utensil drawer or knife drawer has grown in popularity, and if you have the space, I suggest including both. It allows a chef to have all of his/her utensils right within reach and organized so you don’t have to spend any time searching for that one spoon or your favorite knife.

Pots and Pan Storage

Have you ever struggled to open the drawer or cabinet with your pots and pans (and don’t forget those pesky, but necessary lids)? Or had to pull several items out in order to get the one pan you’re looking for? This solution keeps everything tidy and in order, but it also makes each pan and lid easy to reach for when you need it.

Sheet Pan and Cutting Board Storage

Sheet pans can be tricky to store, but even trickier to get to when you need them if you are prone to stacking or placing them flat in a drawer. Instead, I love storing them upright, whether it be in a tall drawer with slats or a cabinet with dividers.

A Built-In Cutting Board and Drying Rack

Imagine never having to search for a cutting board ever again. Equally helpful is having a hideaway drying rack within arm’s reach of the sink. Both will make prep work and clean up a breeze (at least as much as they can be).

Pantry Drawers

I love including pantry drawers because it keeps your produce fresher longer but also keeps everything easily within reach (are you sensing a theme when it comes to prep work?).

Oil Cabinet

This is a Studio Dearborn essential in the prep area. We have used this cabinet for spices and oils right next to the stove. Some people on social media have questioned whether having the seasonings and oils this close to the oven subjects them to damaging heat. But we tested that theory here and it does not, it quite simply stores everything beautifully, upright, and easy to grab.