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Grilling Accessories We Love

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A few months back I brought you a post on my new favorite grill, the Hestan Grill. Now that grilling season is gearing up and Father’s Day is fast approaching, I wanted to put together a larger list of my favorite – and most handy – grilling accessories to make this grilling season the best and tastiest it can be. (In addition to this list, you can also check out my 5 Favorite Things About the Outdoor Cooking Area in my reel on my social media channels.) These can be given as gifts or purchased for yourself because they are oh-so-necessary!

grilling tools in carrying case

If you don’t have the right tools to grill, you might as well not grill. We love this complete set of tools from Crate & Barrel, $79.95

red and silver grill

Of course, my list would not be complete without a grill, and I am in love with my Hestan Grill – learn more here. I am floored by its design because the details are gorgeous! The knurled handle, chrome knobs, and textured front are so unique. My husband loves the color red, so that’s the color we went with, but the grill comes in 12 colors so you can find the one that fits your style best.

leather gloves with monogram

Who says you can’t have stylish tools and accessories while grilling? We love a good monogram and adding some style to every essence of our daily lives, which is why we really love these personalized leather and suede bbq gloves from Mark & Graham, $47.99-$59.99

smoker insert for grill

Hestan doesn’t just make a great grill, but it also makes this smoker set. The handle has an interlocking mechanism that allows you to quickly remove or refill the smoker box. You can easily fill this custom-made smoker box with your choice of wood chips, then place it anywhere on the grilling surface to add smoke. Smoker Set, $85

cutting board and marinade tray with lid

Grilling can be oh-so delicious, but it can also be super messy (thanks to all of those delicious marinades and juices). Enter this handy tool, the Grill Tool Rest and Marinade Tray with Lid, $89.95

smartphone meat thermometer and chicken

Every great cook needs a thermometer. You never want to pull the meat off the grill too soon or gasp, too late! We love how far technology has come and that many of the thermometers out there today work with your smartphone like this one from Williams-Sonoma, $99.95

To really up your grilling game, you need to add sauces and sides to complete the menu. That’s why we love using Hestan’s Thomas Keller’s Insignia Commercial Clad Stainless Steel 7-Piece Cookware Set, $1,370. Not only do you have the quality Hestan is known for, but it is chef-designed by Thomas Keller, the world-renowned chef.

meat claws with wood handles

These may look like something from a Wolverine movie, however, they are a stylish version of the very handy meat claws, $15.98. Perfect for shredding any kind of meat, these are a must in your grilling arsenal.

silver skewers

Ever go to make kabobs on the grill and you either have to soak the bamboo skewers or you are out? Never run into that problem again thanks to these reusable skewers from OXO, $14.99

What grill master doesn’t need an apron? We love this stylish and sturdy one from Hestan x Hedley & Bennett, $95. It comes in six different colors, is adjustable, has three handy pockets, and a canvas loop for a towel or tongs so everything is right at hand when you need it.

grilling kit with wood chips rubs and spices

For anyone who is all about the smokey flavor, try out this extensive kit from Thoughtfully Smokehouse, $50. It includes a variety of wood chips and flavorings including spices and rubs.