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Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide

As a mother, I think we can all agree that moms deserve more than one day to be celebrated, but we will take what we can get. And if we only have one shot at celebrating, whatever gift you give better be top-notch. That’s why we decided to put together a Mother’s Day Gift Guide to share some of the gifts (both for the kitchen and not that we love).

To Wear

colorful leather pouches with tassels

We also love how customizable this zipper pouch is. Mix-and-match colors, monograms, and fonts to create a one-of-a-kind piece mom will love. Pair it with the “superwoman” crewneck and you will really score brownie points. Leather tassel zipper pouch, printed, $49;

orange sweater with superwoman embroidered on it

We love all of the different variations you can get – from colors to styles and to different sayings. Every mom should have at least one of these sweatshirts in her wardrobe. “Superwoman” crewneck, $380;

Summer is coming up and that means more time outdoors whether it be by the pool, at the beach, or in the garden. We all want to keep our skin as youthful and healthy as possible and aside from a great SPF, a hat is a must have. But not just any old hat, it has to be stylish and maybe even monogrammed like this one. The hat of summer, $98;

Those summer nights can still get a bit chilly and what better (or more chic) way to wrap your mama up than with this Lightweight Mongolian cashmere wrap that comes in 10 colors, $150;

To Entertain

Whether it’s just a glass of wine as a night cap with some nibbles or a party on the patio for many, we love these colorfuland cheeky melamine trays. Printed acrylic serving tray, shadow printed, $69;

Every fabulous cocktail party needs cocktail picks, and we adore these crystal ones so much! Quartz cocktail picks, $98;

If you can’t tell, we love a good monogram around here (who doesn’t really?). That’s why we love when a product is useful, but you can also personalize it like this adorable celebration bowl. You can use it for drinks, as a centerpiece when entertaining, or as a serving dish. $149;

To Use Everyday

Whenever I am cooking or doing the dishes, I tend to take off my jewelry and I like to designate one spot to place it so it doesn’t get lost. And like everything, whatever I bring into my home, I want it to be beautiful and spark joy, which is why I love these porcelain dishes. Porcelain ring dishes, $98 each;

What mom hasn’t embarrassed their child by dancing to “their music” in the kitchen or around the house? Instead of grimmacing at those moments, celebrate them with a little help from this vintage-inspired bluetooth enabled speaker. Victrola retro wood bluetooth radio, $51;

There is not much we can say about The Lost Kitchen that hasn’t already been said and celebrated (if you don’t know, look it up and watch the show which you can stream on HBO Max immediately). Even if your postcard is not chosen for a coveted spot this season, give mom a bit of The Lost Kitchen experience with this beautifully done cookbook. The Lost Kitchen: Recipes and a Good Life Found in Freedom, Maine: A Cookbook, $24.49;

A bird feeder or house has long been a standby gift for mom, but what we love about this version of a basic bird feeder is it is chic and can be attached right to her bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen window so she can enjoy a show from wherever she likes each morning. Glass house bird feeder, $64;

What mom doesn’t love a beautiful print or decorating their home? We lovethe simplicity of these prints that are neutral and can go in any room and work with almost any style. Haus and Hues framed vintage botanical prints set, $44.99;

If you follow our blog and our social accounts, you know I love a good color combination, but I realize how challenging or daunting choosing said combos can be. That’s why I put together some of my favorite color pairings in ebooks you can purchase here, but I also love this coffee tablebook that is a dictionary of colors. Perfect for the mom who loves to decorate! Dictionary of Color Combinatoins, Volume 2, $19.48;


What better way to show mom you care than by making her something? Making her something that is delicious, that’s how! That’s why we love these adorable DIY cookies you can decorate and gift. DIY Mother’s Day cookies, set of 7, $39.95;

Personalized are is so special and even more so is a drawing of you with your family. We lovethese line drawings on the Etsy shop Customisity. You send in a photo and he creates a magical and one-of-a-kind drawing just for your mom. Custom line art portrait, $9-$153;

A momento is always welcome for Mother’s Day, but a beautiful keepsake with a photo of her children or grandchildren is priceless. That’s why we love the idea of pairing a beautiful frame with a cherished photograph. Abaca rope woven frame, $69-$129;

Perfect to go with your picture frame idea is an instant photo printer like this one. We not only like how easy it is to use and print photos, but we also love how compact and indescript it is. Kodak step wireless mobile mini printer, $69.99;

Wrap her in your love, literally with this soft and cozy throw blanket that will remind her everytime she uses it how much you love her. P.S. I love you throw, $190;