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My Favorite Finds from the 2022 Kitchen + Bath Industry Show

It was good to be back at KBIS, the biggest US kitchen, and bath show. But, I have to admit it wasn’t as full of completely new ideas as some years. Many products and looks I saw in Orlando were built on or enhanced ideas introduced a season or two ago. Design is kind of like that, with looks catching on and then growing. Still, I found several products that will be innovative in changing the way we use our kitchens.

1. Fulgor Milano Sofia Induction Range

induction range for kitchen
Credit: Fulgor Milano

The Meneghetti family has been in the appliance business since 1949 when they started making coal ovens. The Fulgor Milano Sofia line, which debuted in 2015, is inspired by a female figure and is sized for the US market.

This year, they introduced a 48-inch induction cooktop that’s beautifully designed and integrates perfectly into a counter. One of my favorite features is the trilaminate griddle cooktop which can be controlled precisely. 

2. Richelieu Libero 3.0 Touchless Automatic Door Opener

touchless automatic drawer in kitchen
Credit: Libero

How many times have your hands been full or covered in oil and you need to open a cabinet? The design team at Richelieu solves this problem with a hands-free door opener. The motion-activated sensor works with a simple wave of your foot. It’s the kind of feature that helps make staying in your home easier as people age. 

3. Cosentino’s Sustainable Silestone

green countertops in kitchen
Credit: Cosentino

Spain’s Cosentino Group has been a leader in the kitchen surface space with products including Silestone and Dekton. This year they showcased a more sustainable line of Silestone that uses 99% recycled water and 100% renewable energy during their HyBriQ+ manufacturing process.

The new Silestone also is free of silica, which is the component that can cause irreversible lung damage when it’s fabricated without proper masks and ventilation.

I loved the delicious shades in the Sunlit Days collection, while the Ethereal collection is a subtle study in white and grey. 

4. Signature Kitchen Suite 48” French Door Refrigerator

french door refrigerator
Credit: Signature Kitchen Suite

French door refrigerators are such a treat for designers and homeowners. They’re beautiful, and since they open in the center, everything in the refrigerator is on full display. This new product fills the gap in the market for a refrigerator with a larger French door. 

It’s designed to be built into the cabinetry so there’s no worry about it sticking out. And it comes with a convertible drawer that can be changed over to a freezer drawer. 

5. Rev-A-Shelf Swivel Shelf

swivel pullout shelves
Credit: Rev-A-Shelf

Since I pride myself on using every available inch of kitchen storage possible, I’m a big fan of Rev-A-Shelf. Their pullouts are one of my favorite ways to reclaim the lost space in the base cabinets.

While the top and bottom shelves are easy to reach, the middle has always been tougher to access. That’s no longer a problem with their new Swivel Shelf 448, which has a rotating base so you easily have full access to the middle. 

6. Fittings Metal Collection

metal feet and shelves on a kitchen island
Credit: Fittings

Given the amount of use and abuse, a typical family’s kitchen takes, metal fittings are a wise choice. They don’t chip like painted surfaces, metal doesn’t scratch like wood, and it’s impervious to repeated cleaning. Plus, a metal flourish can add an interesting dimension to your kitchen decor. Fittings’ metal collection, crafted in Ohio includes shelving, end caps, range hoods, and legs to give your kitchen a custom look. 

7. Dometic Drawbar

refrigerated drawer in kitchen
Credit: Dometic

Bars have become almost de rigueur in kitchens again, but some layouts don’t really have space for a full bar. This refrigerated Drawbar by Dometic solves that problem for space-challenged kitchens. This compact refrigerated unit fits into any drawer in the kitchen. And who knows? Wine drawers may just become the thing to add to the bath suite, walk-in closet, or guest house.