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The Home (Kitchen) Edit

Unless you’re on a complete television and social media cleanse, you’ve probably seen the wildly popular new Netflix show called Get Organized With The Home Edit. Home organizers Joanna and Clea help celebrities make their homes more functional and tidy.

Well, I’m all for that, especially in the kitchen. Good organization and adequate storage are key in a multifunctional space like the kitchen. And that’s especially true when we’re working from home, doing school from home, and also cooking and eating more meals.

To inspire you, I’m sharing some of the most popular kitchen storage and organization ideas from some of my projects.

Spice Up Your Spice Drawer

spice drawer with spices
Photo credit: Adam Kane Macchia

We love having a multitude of spices to choose from when mixing up a pot of chili or spaghetti sauce. But having spice jars falling out of a cupboard or having to remember if you stored the parsley in the corner of the pantry or the main spice cupboard slows you down. The solution to all that drama is a spice drawer, with a tilted insert that ensures every spice is right where you need it every time.

I’ve included spice drawers in my kitchen designs for a while now. But this one is really special since it’s part of the kitchen I designed for the House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House.

Garbage + Recycling Done Right

under the sink drawers
Photo credit: Adam Kane Macchia

Garbage and recycling bins aren’t sexy, but every kitchen has them. And who really wants a stand-alone garbage bin on the kitchen floor? My solution is a pullout with space for both recycling and garbage receptacles. And there’s even a slot for storing grocery bags, so you can use them one more time.

Stove Pullouts Make Cooking Easier

pull out condiment sliders
Photo credit: Adam Kane Macchia

Part of what makes cooking hard is having to look all over for the ingredients you need (see spices above.) But having your olive oil, pink salt, pepper, and Worcestershire sauce handy can make the area around your range look cluttered. That’s why these bottle pullouts next to the stove can be a lifesaver. You’ve got everything you need and the area is neatly in its place once you’re done cooking. We call that a win-win.

A Lid for Every Pot

Studio Dearborn kitchen drawer with divided pot lid storage
Photo credit: Adam Kane Macchia

Every new pot comes with a lid, but when things get to mixing and mingling in your cabinets, sometimes it’s hard to find them. Lids have a way of falling to the back of deep cabinets. Or maybe you have the opposite problem, and your lids like to clatter out of the cabinets when you don’t need them.

Storage drawers like these are a better option for a couple of reasons. They allow you to use all the space, all the way to the back of the cabinet. And a divided drawer gives you a place to line everything up. Imagine how life-changing a drawer like this just for Tupperware would be.

Tame the Corner Cabinet

That corner cabinet is a challenge in any kitchen layout. It’s too deep for a normal shelf. But it’s also too much space to ignore. We’ve managed to tame that awkward space with this hybrid shelf that’s part pullout, part Lazy Susan. The sets of shelves make it easy to see what’s there, and you don’t have to worry about losing things in that black hole corner cabinet ever again.

Bars storage for the win

bar with pull out storage
Photo credit: Adam Kane Macchia

A lot more of my clients include bars in their kitchen remodel projects of late. Just having a built-in bar feels luxurious, but even more so when it includes modern pull-out storage bins. Drawer storage is easy to access, and they’re efficient for everything from refrigeration to rock glasses. Drink a toast to the fact that your days of crawling on the ground to reach the créme de Violette in the back of the bar are over.