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Kitchen Design for Dogs & Cats

We’ve written about lots of aspects of kitchen design on this blog, but it just occurred to us that we’ve never explored pet-friendly kitchen design. Our dogs and cats are important parts of the family. And it seems like they spend just as much time in the kitchen like everybody else–maybe more.

I’m working on a project right now for a Nashville kitchen, and my clients Suzie and Kelly of @homeonanashvillehill are all about their pets. So we’ve already planned for some smart, pet-friendly features including a doggie drinking fountain.

Here are some great kitchen designs for dogs and cats alike with features homeowners will love too!

Custom Dog Gate

So there are some kitchen features your dog will love, and others that will be more for your peace of mind. This custom dog gate for the Goldberg family is definitely in the latter category. It’s a way to keep their spirited boxer, Bailey, safely inside the kitchen and out of the living room. I worked with my custom cabinetry partner @schrocksofwalnutcreek to design this sleek door that retracts without damaging the cabinetry.

Dog Feeding Station
@macchiaphoto for @studiodearborn

This station has two parts: a special metal-lined drawer above to keep dry food fresh. You could just pour part of a large bag inside here and scoop it out. Or if you have a smaller dog, you can treat it like a snack drawer, and store food, plus treats inside. This grey poodle named Maggie loves having a special space in the kitchen that’s just for her.

A Comfy Rug
@macchiaphoto for @studiodearborn

Given the choice, would you rather sit on a cold and hard stone/tile/wood floor, or would you prefer to perch on a cozy carpet? Well, dogs think the same way, so be sure to include a carpet in your kitchen design. Not only will it keep your pooches sitting pretty, as it does here for Torii and Guidry (the owners are baseball fans). The right rug is a way to bring together the different colors in your kitchen. This wool number from @therugcompany unifies the rift oak cabinets and the slate blue-tinted glass cabinets, all the while looking great with the dogs’ golden fur. It’s a win on all fronts.

Cat Feeding Drawer
@timlenzphoto for @studiodearborn

It’s been a while since we’ve had a dog in the house. Misty Kitty is the pet that rules my roost, and I’m fairly certain she likes it that way. I used the dead space under the cabinets to create a special drawer to hold her food and water bowls. It’s sized perfectly for a cat–or a little dog– to sit inside the drawer while eating. I like the way it helps keep the kitchen floor crumb-free.

Pet Watering Hole
@brooksandstone for @studiodearborn

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know I’m designing a kitchen for my friend Kelly, aka @homeonanashvillehill, and her partner, Suzie. They’re pet people extraordinaire: their menagerie includes dogs Mazie and Dora as well as cats named Gus, Bennie, and Lulu. All parties will get to enjoy a dog water fountain that has a faucet and sink at dog level, plus a drain so it can hold drinking water. And there’s going to be a raised area for cat feeding. Elsewhere in the house, there’s a dog wash station and a bunk room with sleeping berths for all the pets. I haven’t met any of these pampered pets yet, but I can’t wait!