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Linear Lighting in the Kitchen

There are some kitchen interior design trends that come on strong and when you look around, everyone is doing them. Think open shelving, plants + antiques, and British-style kitchens.

Other design shifts take a while to gain momentum. Sleek linear lighting in the kitchen, made possible by new LED technology, has been one of those subtle design styles. But now it’s moving into the spotlight thanks to popular designs by high-profile lighting designers like Roll & Hill.

These straightforward lights illuminate without a lot of ornamentation, though there are some exceptions. Here are some of our favorites from around the world.

Lighting collective linear pendant squared
Photo credit: @lightingcollective

Lighting Collective is a luxury boutique based in New South Wales, Australia that curates the best international designs, such as the textured concrete lighting that debuted at Milan Design Week in 2019. But we’re in love with the streamlined range that includes the Linear Pendant Squared. All of them work perfectly above a kitchen countertop or table.

Roll & Hill John hogan Coax Pendant 2
Photo credit: Roll & Hill

It’s linear, but it’s the layers of coils and spirals that make the Coax Pendant by John Hogan for Roll & Hill so fascinating. It’s a modern light that could be the perfect whimsical touch in an otherwise classic kitchen.

Rona lighting wood kitchen white linear pendant Pakistan
Photo credit: Rona Lighting

The slim white LED pendant mimics the clean look of the counters in this warm and woodsy kitchen shared by Rona Lighting based in Pakistan. The minimal fixture keeps the focus on the character wood cabinetry.

Endless light roll &hill
Photo credit: Roll & Hill

This new icon by Jason Miller Studio is called Endless; when it’s displayed like this (click photo to view the video) it’s easy to see why. Choose the finish and the number of sections you need to fit your space. Black lead lines and dots suggest rivets, giving this timeless pendant an ancient handcrafted vibe.

Lighting collective red dot award winner adjustable linear light pendant
Photo credit: @lightingcollective

The aptly named Adjustable Linear Light Pendant comes with three light settings: cool, warm, or daylight so you can create different moods. It’s also available in black or white.

The THIN linear light by Brooklyn, New York lighting pioneers Juniper Design is a champ when it comes to versatility. The super-skinny suspension pendant with brass accents sets off a black marble island, yet the THIN Surface Mount also works under a bank of cabinets–if you can stand to hide it. Hidden magnets connect the segments making installation easier.

The homeowner wanted simple and clean lines and Aurora Farewell Architects, which works with Sweeten Home delivered. According to Sweeten’s Instagram post, they wanted to stop storing files in their oven. But they ended up with a kitchen that does so much more, with a marble waterfall counter and backsplash plus this pretty Mini Endless Pendant with bright brass detailing that picks up the cabinet hardware. One of the best things about linear lighting is the way it makes a big statement in a compact form.