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Start Your Day Off Right With a Breakfast Bar

If you’re like me, when you hear the words “breakfast bar” you’re thinking of something with rolled oats, honey, and maybe some tart cherries.

Actually, the kind of breakfast bar that’s trending with kitchen designers is a dedicated place to make breakfast food and drinks. Think coffee station plus cereal, juicer, blender, and toaster. 

If you’re planning your own breakfast bar: Make sure it’s close to a water source. Ditto for power – you may want to increase the amps to that outlet. Also, think about adding storage above it, and maybe a refrigerated drawer below, so you can do it all in that one spot.

Here are a few favorite breakfast bars we spotted online to inspire you. 

A Place for Everything

@myhillsidheaven breakfast bar
Photo credit: @myhillsidehaven via Instagram

This breakfast bar created by Suverna of @myhillsidehaven has a place for everything you need in the morning. This breakfast bar includes a toaster, microwave, and mugs for coffee and tea. And we love that it’s all hidden away with a pair of folding white doors with a modern farmhouse vibe.

A Hidden Breakfast Bar

studio dearborn modern on the hudson breakfast bar gif
Photo credit: Studio Dearborn

The now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t breakfast bar was just part of the stunning kitchen remodel the Studio Dearborn team did on this home near the Hudson River. Now the kitchen is sleek and functional, with grand views of the water while you’re toasting your bagel.

A Hardworking Nook

Photo credit: @davonportinteriors

The Davonport Interiors design team calls this hardworking nook in their kitchen a breakfast cupboard; we call it smart design.

It includes three shelves that hold canisters for sugar, three methods for coffee making, and most importantly, cake! We especially like the way contrasting interiors on the cabinet doors offer a visual treat for anyone who has to get up early and make the first pot of coffee.

A Breakfast Bar On Display

A breakfast bar doesn’t have to be merely functional. The team at Bulthaup in London’s Mayfair section turned theirs into a showcase for a collection of handmade cutting boards, Japanese iron teapots, and stoneware dishes in neutral tones.

A Modern Breakfast Bar

Designer Jackie Currie-Taylor of Gravitate Interior Design says the breakfast bar is becoming a standard part of every kitchen she creates.

This sleek pale grey bar hidden by pocket doors is the perfect nook for making smoothies, coffee, espresso, and warming up a breakfast sandwich. And since it’s flanked by two refrigerators, milk, juice, and fruit are within easy reach.

A Breakfast Bar with Details

Photo credit: @parkandoakdesign and @beckiowens

This chic kitchen by Christina Samatas and Renee DiSantos of Park & Oak Interior Design in Chicago has so many thoughtful details. We love everything from the double sinks to the three cabinet finishes to the discreet breakfast bar.

It is done in pale grey cabinetry next to the refrigerator, so this breakfast bar is an ideal space for fixing a quiet cup of coffee out of the main flow of kitchen traffic.

An Appliance Garage

With a door that lifts up similar to an auto garage, Davis Design and Restore hid their breakfast bar in what’s called an appliance garage. Placing the toaster and Keurig on a pullout shelf makes everything easy to access.