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Say Hello to the New Eco-Luxe Kitchen Trend: Forest Bathing

Trees are not only beautiful but beneficial too. A recent study found that the right amount of trees can lower the temperature of a town or city by up to 10 degrees. Other research shows students learn better and patients heal faster when they have a tree outside the window to look at.

In Japan, spending time surrounded by trees has been elevated to the practice called Shinrin-yoku or “forest-bathing.” Studies show forest bathing getaways — which have been a thing since the 1980s — can do everything from lowering blood pressure and reducing stress to boosting the immune system and lifting mood.

That’s why we were so drawn to these kitchens where you can soak up green, good vibes while washing dishes and cooking dinner. Feast your eyes on this gallery of kitchens that make you feel like you’re hiking through the woods.

Immersive Kitchen

With this space that immerses you in the forest, even cleaning up after Thanksgiving dinner would be a breeze. This minimalist kitchen was featured on the website and shared on Instagram by Mondanité, the Lebanese lifestyle magazine.

Kitchen with River Views

Studio Dearborn modern kitchen overlooking trees and Hudson river
Photo credit: Studio Dearborn

When our own Sarah Robertson started this renovation, the amazing view in this New York midcentury home was hidden by a bank of cabinets. Don’t you feel calmer just gazing at this lush line of trees and the Hudson River beyond?

Natural Backsplash

Who needs a tile backsplash when you can have one made of leafy green plants like spiders, ferns and horsehead philodendrons? This surprise window makes a serene kitchen by Alexander & CO. in Redfern Australia truly sublime.

Surrounded by Nature

With skylights plus a window wall that follows the line of the pitched roof, this kitchen nook is a dreamy space. The natural light is glorious, but we imagine curling up here with a cup of Mariage Frères during a storm would be just as thrilling.

Kitchen with a Garden View

Suszi Sanders classic kitchen with window wall and boucherouite rug
Photo credit: @suszi_saunders

This London kitchen by Suszi Saunders has it all: A serene yard outside balanced by a cozy kitchen with deep green cabinetry, warm exposed brick and a riot of color, thanks to the boucherouite rug and lots of cut flowers.

Modern Nature

Nina Magon and Madevalusa kitchen with window wall and blue runner rug
Photo credit: @contourinterior

This kitchen evokes one of those living plant walls that seem like such a good idea, but in reality can be tough to keep thriving. A wall of windows with whisper-thin steel lights magically brings the outdoors into this sleek, modern space by Nina Magon of Contour Interior and Madeval USA, both based in Houston, Texas.

Glass House

With its full glass roof and walls, this London kitchen by Minale and Mann is the next best thing to cooking outdoors. Imagine how cozy it must be while watching the trees swaying in the breeze. The only thing you might miss out on with a plein air kitchen like this is privacy — but hopefully the neighbors have just as many trees on their side of the fence.