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7 Stunning Black Kitchens You’ve Got to See

It’s the color of choice for tuxedos, limos, and chic little dresses. Black is luxurious, mysterious and it has gravitas – and it’s bringing all that badness to kitchens all over the world.

This fascination with dark, moody kitchens is a natural reflex to the white kitchens that have been so dominant for the past decade – so are all the other colors trending now.

“Everyone is looking for spaces that are moody and cozy and comforting,” says our own Sarah Robertson. “Black makes the walls recede.”

Black is also a natural foil for the light floors that are popular right now too.

Even if you’re not thinking about taking your home kitchen to the dark side, you’ll still be inspired by these seven examples of black kitchens. Some are small, some are sleek and modern, and others are cozy and comfortable. But no matter how you look at it, black is beautiful.

Heart of Darkness

Cyrielle Benïam of Bän Architecture in Paris devised this compact kitchen to create a dramatic focal point in this otherwise light and airy apartment. Even though it’s tiny, it’s packed with hidden storage. The light natural wood surfaces and pale pendant lights really make the deep color pop.

Nicolehollis studio black kitchen
Photo credit: Nicole Hollis in Remodelista

All Black Everything

California designer Nicole Hollis went all-in on black to create this stunning kitchen for her San Francisco studio. We love how the shiny glass tile adds light and reflectivity. Using a range of finishes from the glossy to matte creates its own kind of palette, even though everything is black – save the salt.

ken fulk tribeca black kitchen
Photo credit: Architectural Digest

Black Gold

Ken Fulk‘s wonderfully warm black kitchen spans classic, farmhouse, and midcentury. He collaborated with KitchenAid to outfit the Tribeca loft that’s his new East Coast headquarters. The matte black cabinetry features bright bin pulls and brass luggage corners.

Subtle and Sexy

An Auckland couple wanted a statement black kitchen in their open-plan home. Michael Cooper Architects used stained American oak and matte Florim stone on the backsplash and island, along with Blum hardware to create this striking space. The lightly pebbled flooring coordinates with the island but sets it off too.

Dreaming of black seating, appliances, or decor for your white kitchen? Shop The Black List – our favorite chic black kitchen pieces.

deVOL pantry blue kitchen with copper and iroko wood accents
Photo credit: deVOL Kitchens

Black Magic

To be completely honest, this kitchen isn’t black; it’s a shade called Pantry Blue. But since it reads as black, we’re going with it! Georgia, the deVOL Kitchens designer who created the kitchen, accented the dark color with copper and beams of iroko, an African hardwood. They look like delicious caramel ribbons as they define the room. The kitchen won Kitchen of the Year at the Designer Kitchen and Bathroom 2018 Awards for the clever way she used the space.

Photo credit: Unknown via Pinterest

Black Beauty

I wish we knew the name of the designer behind this pretty kitchen. We’d compliment her on the way she makes a black kitchen look classic with the traditional cabinetry paired with sleek modern silver hardware and those vintage pewter pieces. But our favorite feature just might be the glossy patterned marble that resembles lace or a floral print – brava!

Tatiana Shishinka black kitchen Russia
Photo credit: Tatiana Shishinka

Black Russian.

This ultra-compact, 24-square-meter (that’s 250 square feet) apartment designed by Tatiana Shishkina of Inroom Design in Vladivostok, Russia has just a slip of a kitchen. But with its textured walls, jewel-like appliances and white shelf, and simple dining counter, it says so much. The best part may be the way she used skeletal stairs to divide the kitchen from the rest of the flat.