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The Black List: Shop These Pieces to Create a Beautiful Black Kitchen

Creating the moody black kitchen of your dreams requires appliances and housewares in this inky hue. Fortunately, product designers have been having a love affair with all-black everything for a few years now.

Here are some of our favorites:

Designer Joshua Vogel uses a natural process to turn his white oak cutting boards into this velvety black hue. They’ll get more beautiful with age as long as you don’t let citrus linger on the surface. From $175.

Potter Jasmine Crowe creates a series of gorgeously textured yet delicate pieces for Beekman 1802. And they’re surprisingly affordable. From $42.

Jenn-Air designer Jessica McConnell, who created this built-in refrigerator, says she was inspired by classical art. The black background makes the fruit and flowers in old Dutch still lifes pop, and it works in real life too. From $9,400.

Nobody knows how to elevate a kitchen staple into a work of art like Alessi, and they’ve done it again with this William Alsop and Federico Grazzini pepper grinder with dramatic Fortuny-inspired pleats. About $90.

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There’s something so appealingly nuclear era retro about a toaster. Embrace the nostalgia with this curvy model packed with modern features. About $150.

Designer Pat Kim fuses practicality and art with this clever candlestick from that hides a compartment for matches. Just the thing when there’s a blackout. About $450.

Could doing dishes become a joy? With a faucet that looks more like jewelry than a piece of plumbing, the answer just might be yes. About $750.

Everyone needs a place to hold their stuff; this sleek Vitra tray by Jasper Morrison will make anything from fruit to keys to gum wrappers look more appealing. From $80.

Philippe Starck created this chair as an homage to three midcentury icons: Arne Jacobsen, Eero Saarinen, and Charles Eames. But settle in and you’ll feel like it was molded for your backside. From $485.

Does it look more like a grape cluster, an asteroid, or a molecule? With this organic chandelier’s moveable sections, it’s up to you. About $400.

Cast iron is the original do-everything cookware – it’s been heating evenly while frying, baking, broiling, and grilling over campfires since 1896. It lasts forever too – just avoid soaking and keep it oiled. About $24.

A wine made by Angelina Mondavi that’s bursting with zesty berry flavors and matches your kitchen? We think you’ve just found your new house pour. About $125.