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4 Ways to Add Modern Metallics to Your Kitchen

sleek stainless hood in marble kitchen
Photo credit: Studio Dearborn

A decade ago, if you wanted to make a statement with metal in the kitchen, a rack of gleaming copper pots or a European toaster with a shiny chrome finish were your main options.

But if you’ve thumbed through a design magazine, Instagram or Pinterest recently, you know that sleek, modern metallic surfaces in copper, brass, stainless, and bronze are hot right now. And they’re turning up in unexpected places: backsplashes, range hoods, islands, and cabinetry.

Why? Besides looking cool, metallic surfaces change the whole mood and energy of your kitchen. Here are four things metallics bring to your kitchen design.

1. Brighten a Room

Placing a mirror across from a window is a technique interior designers use to bring more light into a space.  Metallic surfaces can do the same thing. Don’t you love the way this bank of burnished brass cabinets in this kitchen by Humbert & Poyet Architecture adds a glow to this smart navy blue kitchen?

2. Add Tension and Visual Interest to a Room

Do you know how boring plain boiled oatmeal tastes? Yeah, like eating paste. It doesn’t start to get interesting until you add a little salt, and a little sugar to create some flavor contrast. If you add a little cinnamon and maybe some toasted pecans or tart cherries, a bowl of oatmeal can be an experience.  

Well, a room is like that too, and if all the surfaces are all the same color or the same material it feels bland and flat.  Designer Cordelia Fox really spices up this woodsy space and makes it more unique with unexpected metallic touches.

3. Warm Up the Space

Besides adding light, the right metals can make your kitchen feel warm. Painting a room a shade like butter yellow or orange makes it feel more cozy and cheerful, and metallics can do the same, in a more sophisticated way. Choose accessories and surfaces in copper, gold, or burnished brass to add warmth. See how Elena from Plan A Interior Design in Russia warms up this cool white marble kitchen with a glam bright brass cylinder hood and soft blush pink seating?

marble kitchen with gold cylinder hood
Photo credit: Plan A Interiors via @contourinterior

4. Add a Cool Modern Edge

And just like cool silvery surfaces like brushed stainless, chrome, silver foil, and graphite steel (the popular new finish for appliances) can add a cool and futuristic tone to your kitchen. That’s the look I was going for in this minimalist condo kitchen for clients who were empty nesters (featured photo). And designer Anne Louise Due de Fønss really takes this slightly industrial kitchen in an unexpected direction with a mirrored stainless steel wrapped island.

chrome island in industrial kitchen
Photo credit: Due de Fonss and Boffi Milano

What do you think of these new ways to add metallic surfaces to your kitchen? Which do you want to try? Be sure to follow Studio Dearborn on Instagram and tell us in the comments.